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Reviews for Barclays

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Service: Current Account Product: Bank Account

Review by Uffin submitted on 27 March 2013

Likes: Good website with high availabilty. Efficiently run with no hiccups.

Dislikes: Ancillary accounts poor value, interest rates low.

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Service: Current Account Product: Bank Account

Review by Mickey submitted on 04 February 2010

Likes: Lots of Branches, Online Banking is Easy to use, Range of Services

Dislikes: Poor Customer Service

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I've banked with Barclays for 36 years, rock solid and easy to find a Branch if I need one. Their online banking is very easy to use and I had no problems with it. Unfortunately my recent experiences have not been so good and I would not recommend them at the moment, I have now moved to NatWest, sad to leave Barclays after so long but loyalty works both ways.

In brief, I had an a/c with A&L and wanted to move my A&L direct debits to Barclays so that my banking was all in one place. Barclays failed to accomplish the simple task of transferring the DD's and then tried to conceal the fact that I had visited their Branch twice and had completed the necessary paperwork, staff failed to telephone when promised and a subsequent complaint to head office was repeatedly responded to with letters telling me that the Bank needed to delay their response for a further month so that they could contact local Branch staff! After three months of further delay I decided that 5 months was a long time to transfer DD's so I have now moved everything to NatWest, a transfer that took less than 3 weeks. So to Barclays I can only say that I am sorry to leave but your Customer Service is nowhere near as good as NatWest. My loyalty to Barclays was not reciprocated by them.

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