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Reviews for Fidelity FundsNetwork

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Service: Investment Fund (Unit Trust) Product: Funds / ISA

Review by hdeakin299 submitted on 06 June 2015

Likes: Fund Fact sheets have good info.about charges: Dividends "swept up" nicely: "DeTERring " possibilities : Generally good :Does not "charge against" ISAs !:Good but not totally comprehensive choice of cheap passive tracker

Dislikes: The "What does it cover ? " question :Site likes "Advisers": little mention of "Discount Brokers" : The range of cheap passives could be widened to improve diversification : Some associated Money Purchase Schemes have tough terms so refunds are made

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This review is written from the perspective of a "fully invested , multi-platform ,DIY investor " who likes to keep an eye on costs.Of course , on of the problems of being a multi-platform DIYer is that you can take your "eye off the ball" about some of the detail changes that occur on each platform as time goes on . Today I was looking at the "This is Money Co Uk" web site and it stated ;" The difficulty for DIY investors using Fidelity wanting to buy both funds and shares is that it still operates across 2 separate platforms with funds one and shares and investment trusts on the other". Apparently Charles Stanley (ShareNetwork ) are involved on the other platform.

So that is why I had not noticed ETFs on the fund evaluator recently!! I felt fairly sure I had seen ETFs on there at some point but it must have been further back in time than I realized . I had not noticed the change as my attention must have been elsewhere on the other investment platforms that I use.

How complex is Fidelity now for a DIYer ? Well what I HAD noticed is the Cavendish Online portal at the front end of the website . I had also noticed that Standard Life was involved in their pensions . Now I know we can add Charles Stanley to the mix. So we appear to have quite a few other players involved with Fidelity.Is this good for DIYers like me ? Well as a long standing investor ,as long as I can keep up with the changes I can continue to use the Fidelity/Cavendish Online combo for my passive index funds with no problems. But I am pleased that I can add other players like AJ Bell and H/L into MY OWN "portfolio mix"Yes, I suppose both DIY investors and platforms can create quite intricate solutions.

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