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User Reviews for The Share Centre: Share Dealing Account

Type of service: Stockbroker

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Review by gjpountain submitted on 15 February 2017

Likes: Reasonable price, Good service, Transparent charges

Dislikes: none

Service Rating:
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My wife and I have used the share centre for about 10 years now with share accounts, ISA and pensions.
Very easy to use. If you have a problem then you can phone. Transfering money in and out is also very easy. £1.80p per month and no percentage charges.

Review by webwiz submitted on 06 March 2011

Likes: Can't think of any.

Dislikes: Colossal charges

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I decided to buy Lloyds Bank shares in a mini-ISA. As I already had an account with the Share Centre holding a mini-ISA from a previous year containing a unit trust, I decided to buy this year's ISA through them without checking their charges (yes, yes I know- stupid). I was amazed that they charged over £50 brokerage and proposed to charge £2.50 a quarter as well. I then opened an account with x-o and transferred the ISA to them for which the Share Centre charged me another £35. That's over £85 wasted on charges. How can they get away with these high charges when x-o would have charged £5.95 brokerage and no ongoing charges? Surely there cannot be that many investors as stupid as me?

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