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User Reviews for Hargreaves Lansdown: Vantage SIPP

Type of service: Pension (SIPP)

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Review by worriedguy submitted on 08 March 2017

Likes: Easy to navigate the HL website to track investments. This is clear and uncomplicated

Dislikes: None I can think of.

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Overall Rating:

I transferred two private pension funds into a Sipp with HL last December(2016). The procedure was an easy one and relieved me, as I worried about complexity understanding their systems of buying and selling investments. This is proving simple to do with good clear record keeping and investment watching is very straight forward.
For me one of the bonuses has been their excellent telephone manner, patient and reassuring assistance .
A good place to start a SIPP.

Review by hp9investments submitted on 15 February 2015

Likes: £200 cap in holding shares and ETFs

Dislikes: Expensive to hold funds

Service Rating:
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Overall Rating:

If you have more than £40k in your SIPP, HL is very competive to hold shares and ETFs because of the £200 annual fee cap. However, the opposite is true if you hold open funds or unit trusts.

Review by yashvir submitted on 16 February 2014

Likes: good web site although next to useless research tools

Dislikes: extremely expensive not worth a look

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Review by mickz submitted on 20 September 2011

Likes: Good selection of funds, efficient admin, good website and fund information

Dislikes: Doesn't rebate trail commission

Service Rating:
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Overall Rating:

Just moved my SIPP from H-L to another broker that does rebate some of the Trail commission.

I liked everything else about H-L, They've been efficient in their admin and their website is informative and easy to use. I've been put off by the dealing charges and annual fee for shares, so have kept just to Funds. If they ever rebate commission then I'll be happy to move my SIPP back to them

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