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Candid Test

Ok, so you've been using this site to get to grips with money matters. Or perhaps you're already confident you know lots about money and the topics we cover.

Why not put your knowledge to the Candid Test and see how you fare against our selection of quizzes?

There's 10 questions in each with beginner and advanced levels, you'll need to register/log on first.

Good luck!

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User NamePassAvg ScoreAvg Time
ggs00216 100.0% 18.8 sec
a31933316 100.0% 35.9 sec
ggs00116 100.0% 44.4 sec
quattro216 100.0% 58.1 sec
MuchMore16 92.5% 90.4 sec
parkerfab16 78.8% 126.6 sec
hatjoug15 94.7% 100.1 sec
Bunchie15 90.0% 80.0 sec
bluebear14 97.1% 41.8 sec
euanbarrie14 92.9% 198.3 sec
Updated every hour.
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CategoryDifficultyUser NameTime
Financial AdviceAdvancedclovell 19.0 sec
TaxAdvancedrenaissance 19.8 sec
InvestmentAdvancedBunchie 19.9 sec
SavingBeginnersdinvest 20.2 sec
RetirementAdvancedmaxava 20.7 sec
TaxBeginnerrichguygibbo 21.5 sec
KidsAdvancedmaxava 21.5 sec
InvestmentBeginnerrawhyde 21.5 sec
RetirementBeginnerrichguygibbo 21.8 sec
ProtectionAdvancedbluebear 24.9 sec
ProtectionBeginnera319333 25.9 sec
SavingAdvancedBunchie 26.4 sec
BorrowingBeginnerwillbecker 27.4 sec
BorrowingAdvanceda319333 27.7 sec
Financial AdviceBeginnerBaldBlokesRBest 28.1 sec
KidsBeginnerhchan22 32.2 sec
Updated every hour. Fastest perfect score shown for each test.