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Financial advice for a fraction of the usual cost.

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The UK's only fund platform comparison site for private investors.

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Covering almost all your money needs - use them.

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Calculator Paying a little extra above your normal monthly mortgage repayment can make a big difference to how quickly it's repaid. Use this calculator to discover how much.

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SAYE Shares

Save As You Earn, a scheme lasting three or five years that allows employees to buy shares it their employer, with security and potentially at a discount.


This page covers the basics and commonly asked questions on using this site.

The basics

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You can view pretty much all pages directly using the navigation bars at the top of the page. The top bar links to each category while the bottom bar links to the topics within the current category.

Most pages also include direct links to relevant calculators, reviews, articles and tests via 'boxes' at the top of the page and/or the page's right hand column.

Frequently asked questions

How often is the site updated?

The site is generally updated every day, to keep content current. Statistics are updated when available and/or practical, ranging from weekly to annually (depending on the statistic). Candid Comments and Reviews are sometimes updated if it helps keep them relevant, in which case you'll see an 'updated' date as appropriate.

Is the site independent?

Yes. It is wholly owned by Justin Modray who has no interests in any other companies. We're proud and very protective of Candid Money's independence and intend to keep it that way.

How is the site funded?

The site's set-up costs and initial trading have been funded by its shareholder. The ongoing plan is to fund the site (and hopefully generate a profit!) from advertising. However, we'll never compromise our views or comments to keep advertisers happy - we'd much rather lose an advertiser than our integrity. Advertising placement is also restricted to one position per page, so it doesn't hinder your enjoyment of using the site.

Is Candid Money a firm of financial advisers?

No. Candid Money Limited is effectively an Internet publisher, dedicated to educating and helping people better look after their money.