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Bank of England Base Rate

The rate of interest at which the Bank of England lends to ther banks, reviewed monthly. It's the Bank of England's key weapon for trying to influence the economy.

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Candid Calculator

Calculate at what age you might be able to afford to retire. All calculations are in today's terms.

Retirement Age Calculator
Target annual retirement income ? £ per year
Your age years old
Existing pension fund(s) ? £
Existing savings & investments ? £
Ongoing monthly saving &/or (gross) pension contribution ? £ per month
Annual saving/investment/pension return above inflation ?
Assumed annual annuity/income per £10,000 ?

Assumes a fixed annual return and annual contributions, in practice these may vary. Calculations based on assumed annuity rates, actual rates may well be different when you retire. Assumes that all your pension and savings are used to buy an annuity (or provide income) at the rate assumed and no tax-free cash is taken from the pension.

Calculations are estimates provided for illustrative purposes only. Candid Money Limited accepts no liability whatsoever for their subsequent use.

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