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Ex-Dividend Shares

When a share goes ex-dividend, dividends are only paid to whoever owned the shares before that date. The price of the shares subsequently fall by around the amount of the dividend to reflect this.

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If your partner is in a different tax band to you, moving savings between each other could save tax. Use this calculator to help determine if either of you have tax allowances available to use. The 'savings sum to use allowance' figure shows the amount you could save at the interest rate entered before the allowance becomes fully used.

Savings Tax Calculator
Annual interest ? % gross
Partner A Partner B
Annual Taxable Income £ £

Assumes a fixed annual return throughout, in practice this will likely vary. Current tax year income tax rates used, these may vary in future, as might savings tax legislation.

Calculations are estimates provided for illustrative purposes only. Candid Money Limited accepts no liability whatsoever for their subsequent use.

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