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Tax refund unpaid?

Tax | Income Tax Helpful? 8

Asked by KenGoodwinPL, submitted 29 July 2010.

Open Quote You have helped me before, but I would like to ask another question please.

I did a self assessment on line for the first time this year (January) and it told me I was due a tax refund. I then received a statement dated 3 March 2010 saying I was in credit. I have been expecting this cash ever since, but I recently went back onto their website and found a "request a repayment" box. I completed this and got the answer back with a reference number and this was dated 25 June 2010.

I can't get through on phone numbers and they do not phone back. How long roughly, will I have to wait or is there another hoop I have to jump through?
End Quote

Answered by Justin on 30 July 2010

Sounds like it would be easier squeezing blood out of a stone...

In fairness I’ve generally found HMRC pretty quick at sending a refund if you include your bank account details on a self-assessment tax return. I’ve just checked my bank statements and the refund from the return I completed near the end of January arrived about a week later.

Waiting over a month seems excessive so it’s likely there’s a glitch somewhere at HMRC. You could try logging into your online account (the same one you used to submit your tax return) and check whether the balance (credit) is still showing. If so the money has not been sent so you’ll need to contact HMRC somehow to chase it up. From your experience this sounds easier said than done, but the number for income tax enquiries (if you can get through) is 0135 535 9022.

Good luck!

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Comment by moneypenny at 3:31pm on 31 Jul 2010:

It might be a while .... :(

It has just taken me 6 months to get the pension service to re-issue my fathers
pension cheques, he was ill and other complications during the winter snow resulting in him having out of date cheques.